1. I could not decide on my zoom background

Zoom background is very important. Allowing my coworkers to see the mess that is going on behind me is not cute. Also, letting people see the inside of your home is a very vulnerable moment, and who likes being vulnerable?!? YUCK


2. Lighting… lighting… lighting

Lighting is everything… enough said.


3. Could not find my ‘professional sweats’

For most of us, our ‘acceptable dress code for work’ has loosened. We quickly went from business casual to what I define as ‘zoom mullet,’ business up top, sweats down below (if we’re even wearing pants at this point). So, if I’m mustering up the strength and energy to find matching sweats for this call, ‘you’re welcome.’


4. Was that today?

The beauty with this one is none of us really know what day it is anymore. It is totally forgivable, understandable and acceptable.


5. OMG It won’t connect… is it connecting for you?

When in doubt blame it on technology and then it is not really your fault (wink wink). However don’t forget to send the panic texts to a coworker; ‘Is it connecting for you? I can’t figure it out… oh shoot, girl take notes for me… ugh… I’m shutting my computer down.’