If you are anything like us, you quickly found yourself transformed from the energetic bouncing Tigger thriving in events, to the mopey, grey, life sucking Eeyore, drowning in quarantine.  Why? Well, it’s simple… Creativity needs to be fueled.  For us right brained individuals, the pause in our creative work is draining to the soul! Here are some ideas you can do in your home that will fill your creative tank:


Start a blog! 

  • Take it from us, starting a blog is a creative outlet you never knew you needed.It’s like an adult diary and proper English etiquette need not apply!  Also, who doesn’t want to feel like Carrie Bradshaw just a little bit. Start writing now.  Trust me, you will have a lot more to say than you know. 

Order flowers and create your own arrangements.

  • Farmgirl flowers will ship a market haul bundle of fresh floral to create your own masterpiece. Be the client, the vendor and the guest to your own event for one (invite your lamp if you need company). https://farmgirlflowers.com/market-haul


Pizazz your old shoes

  • Most of us have a hard time giving up clothes when it’s time for spring cleaning.We take out about 10 articles of clothing to give away, end up doing a mini fashion show with them, and decide they are totally wearable regardless of the fact you have never worn them and never will.  Well, take those pieces back out of the closet and add some flare!  If you mess up, it’s a great excuse to finally throw it away, but if you make a couture masterpiece, BRAVA… BRAVA.


Take a virtual museum tour

  • We are at the point that Netflix is eating away at our creative soul. I know, sounds dramatic, but it is true.  There is no greater dimmer to the right side of your brain than binge watching shows (unless it’s Schitt’s Creek, then by all means, binge).  So, instead of going to the TV, go to your computer and get inspired with a virtual museum tour.  Engulf yourself with the beauty of art with the below links:

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Guggenheim Museum, New York



  • Ignite your inner child and order coloring books, trust me! Currently in my art box, I have ‘My Little Pony,’ ‘Disney Princesses’ coloring books and a sketch pad for when I want to go rogue.  Not only does coloring allow artistic interpretation (I made Elsa a brunette… very daring) but it also is beyond soothing, and for some reason, we all tend to be anxious (hmmm.. could be the pandemic and temporary fall of our industry, but that’s just a guess). 


Create Style Pages

  • You know how your math skills were a little rusty when you came back from summer break?Well, most likely your design skills will be as well.  Our advice to you is embrace your inner design nerd!  Create themes you have always wanted to create.   Use linens and chairs that are out of your comfort zone. Your client is nonexistent, your budget is nonexistent, and your talent is limitless.  Also, when events do come back and your client asks to see 7 different looks by the EOD, you can have a folder to reference.