***DISCLAIMER- I’m proclaiming it here for all to see, I love events, deep and true love!  There is no other career that is meant for me.  HOWEVER, with all true relationships, there is a love/hate balance.  And it is the ‘hate’ that we seem to miss the most in its physical absence (quarantine).  For example, when my boyfriend is out of town for too long, I begin to really miss his stupid, annoying overly-loud breathing.

So, now that our lover, events, has taken an ‘extended leave,’ we so desperately want all the things we hated about her back to make us feel warm and fuzzy again!  And, the only way I can deal with this intense emptiness is to write a letter to her (learned through endless dollars and hours of therapy).  So here it goes…


Dear Events,

I miss how you make me question my sanity during the design stage…for letting me think I am a talentless toad one day, and an award-winning artist the next. The self-proclaimed Gaga of designs (statue erected in my honor). I miss how you mess with my sleep and wake me up at 3AM with a new idea or with the panic of a lounge set I forgot to order.  I miss how you confuse my metabolism with long hours on setup days, digesting nothing but Red Bull, Starburst and Cliff Bars.  I miss your curveballs, like the time our design called for manzanita branches and you let me know a week before the event that the government had shut down and manzanita trees only grow on government-owned farms so they were UNAVAILABLE.  What great fun that was for us.

You drive me crazy events, you really do, but I wake up each and every day ready to love/hate you all over again.  Come back, my sweet baby!

Love your sweetie pie,