Happy Birthday to us… Happy Birthday to us… Happy Birthday dear Eight One… Happy Birthday to us (we do not own the rights to that song so please refrain from singing it in your head). 

Since it’s our birthday/ anniversary, we figure this blog should be something motivational, inspirational, and whatever other ‘al’ that makes you play ‘Fight Song,’ or ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ put on your power jumpsuit and conquer (we also do not own the rights to any of those songs… so once again refrain from humming, singing, whistling dixie, etc. to those tunes)! 

We open with this:  Take the leap!  We give you the advice we had to follow two years ago to start Eight One Events… on 8/1 (get it?  Eight One… 8/1… never mind).  Anyway, do not let doubt or fear discourage you.  Do not listen to the noise around you.  Do not consider the worst-case scenario.  Instead play out the best-case scenario.  Do not ask yourself, ‘What if I fail?’ Instead, ask yourself, ‘What if I succeed?’  And, to succeed, you must take the initial leap. 

Now, as we reflect upon these last two years, a bouquet of emotions emerge and plot themselves over the Richter scale of mental and emotional stability.  We remember the morning we woke up to our first event as a company; we remember doing our first international event;  we remember signing our first Fortune 500 company;  we remember meeting with a brand specialist and deciding who we wanted to be and what message we wanted to send;  we remember clearing our first million.  However, in the reverse, we remember the first live event cancelation to come with the pandemic… then the second… then the state mandates not allowing 100 or more to gather… then 50… then 10… then 6.  It has certainly been an unexpected second year, but never in a moment have any of us regretted taking the leap.  There must always be a clear goal and intention with taking a leap.  That intention, regardless of how difficult the journey, must never change and certainly has not changed for us.  If we were always fearful of the outcome, our objective would be blocked.  Always remember- don’t decrease the goal, but rather increase the effort and even change the course if need be. Always strive for the goal. 

Looking toward 2021 we feel stronger than ever. From the looks of our 2021 calendar, our clients are ready to party!  Yes, there will be adjustments to the event world and new procedures and protocol to follow, but if this year has taught us anything, it is that we need human interaction to thrive and we need events!   Also, if it’s true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, we (all event industry workers) will all be starring in DC’s next release of “Justice League.”   




Below our links to books that we have all read that kept us motivated along our journey and offered helpful advice along the way.