Since the history of time, humans have been curious about what other humans are doing.  Although there are some pioneers amongst us, most of us feel comfortable being a follower… especially nowadays.  As we start contracting and heading into in-person events for Q4, our clients all have the same question, “What are your other clients doing?”  It brings them comfort knowing the pulse of the industry.  Going to their HR and legal team with, “Well, so and so is doing it…” could be the turning point for teetering hesitation.  Below are a variety of scenarios about how our clients are handling Q4 events.


Vaccination Requirements

For several of our large companies, proof of vaccination has been paramount to proceed with events.  They ain’t playin’.  Now, it is important to note, that these businesses are also requiring vaccination to enter the office, so it’s not too much of a stretch to require it for their in-person events.  Basically, this strategy is already being implemented.  Religious and medical exemptions are being respected, but in these few cases, employees and attendees must have valid doctors’ notes and provide weekly negative Covid-19 results.  Therefore, be sure to get your super flimsy, paper-made, irregular size for wallets, likely stuck in the lint cage of your dryer- vaccination card laminated!


Part of our mission statement here at Eight One Events is about transparency with clients.  Therefore, as much as it pains us, we must let you know that one Q4 event did cancel.  However, it was JUST one cancellation so far (as I type here seated in a human pretzel formation with fingers crossed, toes crossed, cris cross applesauce, eyes crossed and clutching my rabbit foot keychain). The reasoning for their cancelation was due to a significant drop in registration numbers, not necessarily the safety of attendees.  The low registration was surely influenced by individual apprehension and not by state or county restrictions, so we felt the need to share that in this blog. 


Another client with a program in Q4 is requiring a negative Covid-19 test result done within 72 hours of the event and then testing on arrival day at the venue itself.  This will be an extension of the registration process and there will be a protocol for positive test results in place.  On-site Covid-19 testing can get expensive, however, it is available and clients are taking advantage of it.  In a previous blog, we featured The Event Doc which is a concierge rapid testing service for events.  Sometimes this is the only option that will pacify HR and legal teams (here comes my write-up). 

Venue Adjustments

Lastly, we are doing a large November event and our clients have decided to simply buy out the entire resort.  This makes it easier for them to control who comes in and out and truly monitor guests.  Also, for this same event, all evening events have been moved to outdoor spaces.   People seem to be more comfortable outside, and we are all for it… designing an event with the blank infrastructure of a tent is so much more exhilarating than designing with hotel ballroom carpeting and wallpaper!!! 


In summary, 99% of our clients are continuing with Q4 in-person events.  There are many more restrictions, changes in terms and conditions, design tweaks and ‘whatever else the hell will make an event happen’ caveats.  There is an overwhelming need to meet in person and our clients understand this.  So, get your ‘Vaxxed, Waxed and Ready to Party’ t-shirts ironed, and we’ll see you at the next event!