As we enter this week of Thanksgiving, where we’ll all be busily setting our own tables and experiences for gathering, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite ways to gather.  In the world of corporate event design, the key to a memorable experience often lies in the details—the layout, the ambiance, and notably, the choice of seating. Enter the long king’s table: a trend that’s not only visually stunning but also highly effective in fostering interaction and engagement among attendees, and one of our absolute favorite things to design!

Long king’s tables, with their elongated structure and ample seating capacity, break away from the traditional round table setup. They offer a continuous line of sight, allowing guests to interact more freely and naturally. This layout, often seen in royal banquets and high-end events, brings an air of sophistication and elegance to corporate gatherings.  Their setup promotes an inclusive atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged fluidly. To enhance this, consider placing conversation starters or interactive elements along the table. These could range from intriguing centerpieces to thought-provoking questions placed at each setting, prompting discussions, and fostering connections.

Decorating a king’s table offers endless possibilities. For a corporate event, balance is key. Elegance can be achieved with minimalist centerpieces, crisp linens, and ambient lighting. Integrating corporate colors or themes into the table setting can also add a personalized touch, making the event feel more tailored and exclusive.

The long king’s table is more than just a piece of furniture—it’s a statement. It symbolizes unity, encourages communication, and adds an element of grandeur to any event. For your next corporate gathering, consider the king’s table not just as a seating arrangement, but as a centerpiece that can transform the entire event experience.


King’s Tables from Eight One Events: