It is early December and time to think about the inevitable holiday gifting.   Each year we want to get our employees a gift that says, ‘thank you for a job well done.’  Yes, there is the holiday bonus, but this gift is something special, personal and the exclamation mark to a great year.  This year however, the ending punctuation mark is more of an ellipsis… just pushing us into the next year with little excitement.  All our lives have been turned upside down and this year’s gratitude is deeper and involves less of a materialistic need.  We are grateful for surviving, for our loved ones, for hope… We realize we have everything we need, and it is suddenly magnified that there are millions with much less.  Therefore, a gift this year cannot be tone deaf to the times.  We can say thank you, but also help others less fortunate.  Charitable gifting is now more important than ever.  Below are our favorite companies that incorporate this ‘get a gift, give a gift’ concept.

1) Gifts for Good


Gifts for Good is one of our favorite gifting experiences to pitch to clients.  It features products from 40 different caused-based enterprises in one website.  This gifting experience offers customized gifting for each individual paired with several items and causes to choose from.  Whether fighting homelessness, human trafficking, or a host of other options, their gift will explain the direct impact they are making with each selection.


2) Bombas

Bombas mission since day one has been to help those experiencing homelessness.  With millions unemployed, this tragedy of homelessness is more serious than ever.  Shelters are reaching capacity fast and running out of supplies.  With Bomba, every item you buy, they donate the exact same item to a homeless shelter.  Their high-quality socks and t shirts are something your employees/ clients would be proud to wear.


3) Sackcloth and Ashes

Sackcloth and Ashes is a charitable gifting company we use often.  They make beautifully crafted blankets and operate under the same ‘get one, give one’ mentality.  Their goal since opening in 2018 is to have more than one million blankets donated to homeless shelters by 2024.  Not only does your gift help this mission, but it also serves as a great accent décor item that our clients rave about.


4) Side Hustle Collaborative

If you’re reading this blog, you are most likely in the event/ entertainment industry.  Our industry was the first industry hit by the pandemic and will probably be the one affected the longest.  Most of us know someone (or several people) furloughed or let go.  Therefore, let’s support their ‘side hustle.’  This site is dedicated to industry professionals who have formed, or perfected, a side business as a result of losing their job due to COVID-19.  Browse through apparel, art, photography, F&B, crafts, etc. and support the talents of our event brothers and sisters.