In this new era of ‘pandemic planning,’ meeting and event planners have an oath to keep their guests safe.  Our industry, more than any other, promotes group gatherings and encourages face-to-face interactions.  Therefore, we must make sure that we adhere to the most detailed safety standards that will keep everyone safe and prevent another 2020.  However, with all that event planners have going on in planning and executing that event, how are we going to find more time in the day to include managing and adhering to COVID protocol? Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?  Therefore, we must bring in some help.  Below we offer two crucial roles that will take a lot of this worry out so you can focus on the more important things, like why your chair vendor is showing up tomorrow and not today!   



The Pandemic Compliance Advisor… sounds official… well, it is!  This person is certified and tasked to everything COVID safety related.  From event inception to the final day, they are in place to make sure each specific event, venue, meeting, etc. complies to the CDC’s safety standards.  The PCA has several duties including, but not limited to; conducting sites of the venues to approve their compliance standards,  consulting on Banque Event Orders (BEO), managing all safety precautions, conducting daily and nightly meetings with the event planner to update them on any sick guests or difficult guests (aka the Karens), reviewing diagrams and schedules to encourage social distancing, managing temperature screening stations & sanitation checklists, dictating directional signage and entry and exit points, etc.  Most importantly, they have no other duty during this event than that of a PCA.  Their sole focus is keeping the guests safe and the event COVID-free or as minimal spread as possible. 

To put it in simpler terms, the PCA will act as your eyes and ears to all things COVID related.  Click here to find out how to register for certification.  Trust me, having one on your team and event will take a lot of the ‘what to do’ burden off you. 



As event planners, we have all discussed the logistics and reality of performing COVID tests on site.  Having guests and staff answer a questionnaire about where they’ve been the last few weeks is great, but an actual COVID test on-site… that changes the game!  Nothing is more accurate in detecting a positive COVID result than an actual COVID test.  Therefore, we give you… drum roll… The Event Doc.   They are an event concierge COVID testing company designed specifically for events.   How it works is as follows:  your guests receive an email containing all of the information needed to sign up for their on-site COVID test.  When they arrive, they are escorted to the testing area for a private 15-minute COVID test.  Once a negative test is confirmed, they are cleared to join the event! 

On 3/18 The Event Doc is partnering with SITE SoCal to explain the process in detail and answer questions pertaining to COVID and events.  To register click here.   It is definitely something all event planners should tune in for.



Here at Eight One Events, we are starting to tire from virtual events.  That’s right, we said it!  We are beyond grateful for them, but let’s move on from them already.  Event planners have this desire to watch people transform as they walk into a live event.  We fuel off the energy that a room full of people celebrating together exudes.  Therefore, as live events can happen again, we are going to take every safety measure possible to ensure everyone’s safety.

As of now, most of our team is already certified to be a Pandemic Compliance Advisor.  Not only does it give us and our clients the security of knowing there is a designated person to all things COVID related, but it gives us the knowledge of how to plan safely.  Also, depending on the event and the comfort level of our client, we are ready and willing to get The Event Doc up and running at our event.  This is a new day in age for events and safety must be at the forefront.  We are shielding up and prepared for battle until everyone is vaccinated.  Not today Rona!  And certainly not at one of our events!